Total Fraud Artists Whose Works Today Sell For $$$$$$$$

An Andy Warhol so-called painting recently sold for more than $100 million. It pictured cars crashing into each other. Actually, it was not an original composition by paint brush, but photos printed by silk-screen process.

Many years ago I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, and have never considered art the mechanical process of copying photographs created by other people. Another so-called artist, Jackson Pollock, never had to draw a line nor consider perspective. He merely put a large blank hunk of canvas on the floor and then stomped, splashed and dripped cans of paint on them. His work also sells for millions today.

My admiration for true artists includes Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Ingres and Rembrandt. Not only were they talented in creating great, original works of art, but they had to build canvases and mix their own paints from raw ingredients.

Well, in spite of my jealous rant, I actually have to admire those abstract guys for creatively taking money from rich people who have too few brains and too much money. It isn’t just fake art that swipes their millions. They also pay posh hotels $1,000 for eight hours in bed with their eyes shut in slumber, $500,000 for a car and millions to get elected President.

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