Flu Epidemic More Dangerous For Elderly Travelers

According to many news reports, this season may be the worst of the disease in more than ten years. And it is especially hitting young children and the elderly, requiring some common senior sense to avoid being infected.

With springtime travel season about to begin, keep informed daily about where the flu is hitting the hardest. If it’s a crowded big city, such as New York or Beijing, consider changing your plans. If you do visit and must mingle among many people on streets, in restaurants, shops and terminals, do as many Asian travelers do.

Take a supply of cloth medically-treated masks. Wear each for no more than two days and replace with fresh ones. When traveling through crowded areas that require holding on to railings and using doorknobs, wash your hands frequently and/or carry a small spray can of disinfectant.

If the inevitable happens, and you feel flu symptoms while far from home, be ready to meet the problem. When planning city visits, keep a written and/ or smartphone list of emergency numbers you can call for quick and effective local medical help.

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