Online Ads Now More Obnoxious Than TV Ads

Is it bitchin’ ole me, or are the unwanted commercial interruptions on my computer getting worse than the traditionally bothersome TV pitches? I had thought it was impossible to be more offensive, but the internet gets increasingly capable daily of annoying the hell out of me.

As soon as I fire up my desktop Mac in the morning to get some actual news, the screen is continuously blocked with click bait, never-ending ads that must be individually clicked off. Flashing in my face are pitches for miracle meds, overpriced cars, lonely loin clubs, shyster lenders, ambulance-chasing lawyers and other unwanted interruptions.

Most annoying is that the exact same ads run, often a dozen times a day, for months and years. How often do I need to see that loathsome lizard, Flo and phony medical miracle testimonials. I enjoy watching old sitcom half-hour reruns. On a recent episode of Seinfeld, it was interrupted many times, including one sequence of eight ads in a row. All annoying repeats.

I was in ad biz for more than 30 years and realize commercials, now also on my computer and smartphone, are necessary to call attention to your product or service. However, do they have to be repeated over and over again to brainwash me into buying their junk?

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