State Of The Uniom Speech: Ticket Typo Recalls Similar BooBoos

With President Trump delivering an address on the one-year progress of his administration, the guest ticket printing error actually made more news than the event. It has happened before:

The 1631 edition of the King James Bible included an accidental 7th Commandment, informing readers that “Thou shalt commit adultery.” Presidents Trump, Kennedy and Clinton have eagerly honored that commandment.

Kat Ashley, lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn, was visited in the night by raiders who demanded to see the princess, later Queen Elizabeth I. She reports: “In the weak light of dawn, I tugged on the gown and sleeves I’d discarded like a wonton last night to fall into John’s arms.” Guess they had Chinese delivery at the palace.

The London Times, describing Queen Victoria crossing the Menai Bridge, announced, “The queen pissed graciously over the magnificent edifice.” The Washington Post once published a headline telling of President Roosevelt: In Bed With CoEd.” They had meant cold.

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