Get Up & Get Going For Springtime Adventures

Leave that couch and idiot box to enjoy your nation. Whether by car, bus, train, boat and/or aircraft, fill your years and virtual scrap book with new American experiences. Examples:

It could be your very first or 20th visit when you explore Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Hiking along the South Rim offers views more spectacular than anywhere else on Earth. Picnic above the canyon and/or join the donkey trail on its one-mile journey down the rocky canyon sides to the Colorado River.

Tour your nation’s capital to see the famous memorials to America’s greats, from presidents to those heroes who gave their lives to preserve our freedom. Do the same in Philadelphia, where you can stand by the Liberty Bell, as well as tour Independence Hall, where the United States was born.

Drive along Route 66 from Chicago to where it ends on California’s Santa Monica Pacific Ocean beach. Take the ferry from New York’s Manhattan to Staten Island, and pause to stand and salute Miss Liberty on the way. Ride the cable cars in San Francisco. Fly to Hawaii or Alaska to experience the nation’s most far-flung states. Whatever your plan, do it now.

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