NFL In$anity: San Francisco QB Gets $137.5 Million Contract

The 49ers signed a five-year contract with Jimmy Garoppolo worth $137.5 million. The deal is the largest in NFL history on an average-per-year basis. Garoppolo’s five-year deal will be $27.5 million each, for what are actually six-month playing years.

Already grossly overpriced stadium tickets will go up to get the money to pay this and other insanely inflated pro jock salaries. Of course, many of the millions will go for typical NFL player living necessities. They include agents, cars, mansions, wives, ex-wives, high-priced hookers, personal guards, booze, drugs and other required spending.

Of course, there will also be heavy taxes he will have to pay. Those costs could leave the unfortunate Garoppolo with only 10 or so millions annually to maintain his modest lifestyle in a humble mansion. Oh, the humanity!

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