Lured Into Annoying Click-Bait Ad Websites

When skimming for current news and other info on your computer and smartphone, look out for unwanted intruders. Sections with titles Paid Content, Sponsored, Paid Partner Content and others poking out from the side of your screen will automatically start hawking products and commercial services like old-time snake oil salesmen.

When you click on them, instead of specific info you seek, your screen will be inundated with never-ending, unwanted verbal pitches, pictures and videos. Worse, many require you click to the so-called next page, and the next and the next in unending progression of pitches.

The screen will be jammed with annoying repeated ads you never wanted. Also, if you research a commercial website just once for specific info, your website will soon be jammed with daily repeat ads of the product or service for days, weeks or months.

In addition to online annoyances, regular TV programs continue to be interrupted with annoying ads at an average of 15 per hour. With some cable stations, it’s even more of the same pitches repeated daily, often hourly, for months and years.

There are ways to avoid this constant hammering of your ears, eyes and brain. Check with your cable provider for ways to clear your website of unwanted ads and/or return to the ancient days of just enjoying a good book and listening to soothing music.

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