When Did I Agree That My Lawn Is Your Dog Toilet?

Hey, I love dogs. I enjoyed my faithful Sheltie for nearly 20 years. We always practiced sane poop and pee sessions. When out in the neighborhood, I always carried plastic bags and damp, soapy paper towels. Whenever my dog did his duty, I cleaned up thoroughly.

Today, I’m proud of my home’s nice green grass and mow it regularly. Sadly, it’s visited daily by canine visitors, along with clueless owners who don’t clean up after them. As bad as they are in residential areas, many dumb dog owners walk through our busy commercial streets while their dogs to poop on the sidewalks.

Those thoughtless idiots rarely clean up, causing disgusting hazards for pedestrians. Simple solutions: Tho often you may deserve to have your nose rubbed in it, when your dog soils a lawn or city sidewalk, do your civic duty and clean up thoroughly.

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