Get Up, Get Out & Get On The Road

As warm weather approaches, this could be the year when you’ll complete your wandering bucket list you’ve been dreaming about for decades. Put the old family car, yourself and companion into tip-top shape, load up the smartphone with all the necessary map info, as well as audio books, music and other items to make the long stretches more comfy.

For experiencing the good old USA, consider just a few suggestions:
The Grand Canyon: Mother Nature at her most creative carving.
Mount Rushmore: Stand in awe before our greatest presidents.
New York City: Never-ending day and night entertainment and dining.
Yellowstone National Park: Forests, hills and trees all around.
Route 66: Chicago to Santa Monica: See America and get your kicks.
Pacific Coast Highway: LA to Monterey: Fantastic beach and ocean views.

Safety tips: Be sure car is in tip-top shape, do it with at least two drivers, book motels ahead, relax in rest stops, drive midnight to 4 am, especially driving through big cities.

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