Why Insanely High Pay For Talk Show Gabbers?

I often gripe about pro athletes making millions annually for playing schoolyard games for half the year. In another jealous mood, I hate talk shows. As if we didn’t have enough of the boring hours, there’s a flood of new ones always starting up with the same lazy butt yakking theme.

My question is: Why do those women just sit on their substantial posteriors and get millions annually for just gabbing and listening to others gabble? They don’t sing, dance, play an instrument, quote Shakespeare nor even cook a chicken.

At least the pro jocks must wear funny costumes, run, jump and sweat for their big paychecks. The talk show yakkers don’t even have to move their big butts nor dyed hair. They grab lots of bucks for just staying awake in their chairs for an hour each on five days a week. Oh, the humanity!

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