Evangelist Billy Graham Checks Out At Age 99

Now, we can only guess if he made it into the glorious heaven he was always preaching about. Also, he may now be able to socialize with all the other Christian evangelists who preceded him, including the Jewish carpenter who started it all some 2,000 years ago.

Graham’s preaching history takes me back to my childhood exposure to Christianity. Born to Jewish parents, my father died when I was four. At age six I was placed in a very Christian orphanage in Philadelphia. We had Christian chapel services and hymns seven mornings a week, plus vesper sessions every Sunday evening. Did I spend the next 11 orphanage years during those Christian ordeals with my fingers crossed?

No, I actually enjoyed the historic preachings and sang hymns with enough enthusiasm to be accepted into the student choir. I also recall listening to a weekly Philadelphia radio program at that time by a Christian evangelist with a heavy Jewish accent. When asked why he had abandoned his own religion to shout out for Jesus, he calmly replied, “Why not? It’s a good living!” Rest in peace and mazel tov, Billy Graham!

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