Belgian Doctors Charged For Killing Elderly Patient

The medics are facing criminal charges, but not for murder. In that country, it’s legal to put old people to death if the patient first signs an official request. The medics were accused of not getting a signature before pulling the plug. Belgium has government medical coverage, so legal euthanasia may be considered money saving. Remember the futuristic movie, Soilent Green, when people were killed and their bodies processed into foods?

Now that I’ve survived to age 92, and have visited and volunteered in nursing homes, I have mixed feelings about deliberately ending it for the very elderly who are hopelessly mentally and/or physically beyond help. In for-profit nursing homes, the staff must keep them alive as long as possible, to continue the flow of family and/or government money coming in.

For those elderly living at home in their final days, there are usually paid assistants who visit daily to sit and stare for $30 per hour. Is death preferable? The Nazi holocaust began with killing the elderly and disabled. However, let’s face the absolute fact. No one ever got out of this world alive.

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