Stories Of Sexual Misbehavior Still Dominate The News

USA Today just published a not-too-surprising survey that declared 94% of all women in the movie business said they were sexually harassed or assaulted. Also in recent news reports big Vegas mogul Steve Wynn, Disney executives and others are still being outed as horny harassers.

Maybe this awful practice should stop, but wait a minute. How about other infamous molesters and their influence on human history. For example, none of us would ever have been born if Adam hadn’t seduced Eve. Rutting Romeo would’ve been kicked off the balcony by Juliet.

Helen of Troy wouldn’t need Trojans. Cleopatra would never have busted her asp for Mark Antony. If Josephine had refused Napoleon, he would have kept both hands in his vest. Scarlett would’ve made Rhett fret. Queen Victoria would’ve put Prince Albert in a tobacco can. And the old woman who lived in a shoe would have birthed no kids to share the shoe. Oh, the humanity!

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