Indonesia Beats Hell Out Of Guilty Gamblers

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the increasingly strict Muslim-majority nation held a public caning of a guy who was found guilty of betting. Of course, most of us don’t condone such cruelty. However, many of we seniors continue to be brutally punished for committing the same crime. Not with a cane, but by casinos hitting our bank accounts.

Have you been to a casino lately? They’re full of elderly gamblers eagerly putting their kids’ inheritance money into the slot machines. They don’t realize nor care that the reality is that those electronic contraptions are digitally set to pay back 70¢ for every dollar inserted.

Rumors are that many of the newer, more elegant casinos set their machines to pay even less. Therefore, despite the brutal financial beatings the elderly gamblers must endure, they keep returning with vain hopes that somehow, some day they’ll hit that heavily-advertised, but usually nonexistent jackpot. Er… can’t wait till I get to the casino again. Doggone it! This time I’m certain to hit the jackpot.

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