Gotta Luv Them Onlyne Monee-Maiking Texticmoneulls

Of course, they’re totally phony click-bait, but you must admire the creatively awful grammar and spelling. The writer’s names are usually Middle Eastern or Asian and the messages exhibit the bare elements of English learning. Sometimes I believe they actually know how to write correctly, but hope the goofy language will lure in more suckers.

I can’t stand it any longer, and just had to abandon my education and decades in advertising and journalism to write one of those very effective ads. I’m not asking for money, just admiration for my creativity. Here goes:

I formerly poverty student who has no eats for days and nights, but am now makes 127.56$ each hour doing computer four hours a day from my mere house. Last week was mailed cheque for 32,889$ for my doing online writings talents. You two can earning such big moneys when you join myself at xxxxxxxxxxx.

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