What The ƒ∆¥†© Has Happened To Those ∫÷µ≠≥≤ Oscars?

Is it just old me or…. How did The Shape Of Water win best picture Oscar? Mute cleaning woman falls in love with a mysterious hybrid who looks just like the Creature From The Black Lagoon. Next she’s consumed with passion with the fish guy in the shower. So, if she’s Catholic, would she only do him on a Friday?

The film mercifully ends when she’s gunned down by bad guys and falls dead into the city river. The fish man then magically appears in the water and makes her alive again to earn her gills. She then joins him forever amid the river’s lovely sewage and flushings.

I, Tonya, another unpleasant Oscar-winning film, features the skater’s foul-mouthed mother. She’s an angry chain smoker whose every other word made this old sailor blush. Spouting the filthiest locker room language is now common in movies. Oh, why did the censors ever approve of Hollywood’s first obscenity when Rhett Butler spouted: Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a rat’s ass?

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