Fox TV Says It Will Cut Ads To Two Minutes Per Hour

According to the Wall Street Journal, that network’s goal is set to begin soon. And if you believe it will actually happen, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you real cheap. Remember way back in the 1960s when you actually could watch TV shows and sports with just two or three one-minute ads per hour? Them daze is gone forever!

The reality is that today, the average interruption time is about 15 minutes per hour on regular network broadcasts. On cable, such as reruns of TV classics and sports, it’s 25 minutes. Attempting to watch my favorite programs today, such as pro football, Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond, is often agonizingly interrupted by the endlessly repeated identical commercials.

Not only the interruptions, but content of the ads have become more and more obnoxious in sound and sight. Frequently, the exact same tiresome commercial, already too painfully familiar for a year or more of daily exposure, is on the screen several times during the 30-minute program.

One happy aspect of my advanced old age about watching TV is that I must wear earphones to hear the sound. As soon as commercials start, off come the earphones.

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