Trump Continues The Pursuits Of Purile Presidents

Every day it seems our noble leader of the free world is getting himself into more trouble because of his sexual misbehavior. Is he the first to turn the White House into a house of ill repute? How do the scandal sheets love them? Let me count the (alleged) ways.

Tom Jefferson had children with his slave, Sally Jennings.
Andy Jackson married his wife, Rachel, before her divorce was final.
James Buchanan had homosexual affairs.
Grover Cleveland had an out-of-wedlock child.
Warren Harding had two mistresses.
Franklin D. Roosevelt had Lucy Mercer and several others.
John F. Kennedy had many affairs, including with Marilyn Monroe.
Ronald Reagan dumped his first wife, movie star Jane Wyman, for Nancy.
Bill Clinton was the first President impeached for his sexual misconduct.

Do you believe Abe Lincoln was misquoted at Gettysburg when he said: I scored with four women seven years ago.

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