War Most Stupid Of All Human Destructive Behaviors

And that’s going some, considering sex, tobacco, booze, drugs, politics, crime, pro sports salaries, TV, movies and today’s so-called music. War is now and always has been old guys with flashy uniforms sending teen boys out to kill each other.

Meanwhile, generals, admirals, politicians and war equipment makers loll in safety while getting all the glory and money. As today’s international problems increase and Trump appoints more former generals as advisers, there’s a growing public fear that war is being considered in the White House.

OK, now all you flag-waving patriots don’t get upset about his old peacenik talking bad about war. I know it from personal experience. I was 16 when Pearl Harbor was hit in 1941, and had to wait eagerly almost a whole year to get in on WW2. Not wanting to be a GI in muddy trenches, I joined Navy at age 17, and served in Pacific and Philippine campaigns.

I stayed in the Naval Reserve after WW2 to help pay for college tuition, and did active duty summers teaching boot camp for future Navy officers. On college graduation day, my Carrier Air Group was reactivated and I served two years in the Korean War. Hey, anybody out there remember that minor skirmish?

So I believe I have the right to spout my opinions in my doddering old age. I have finally realized how murderously idiotic war is, always has been and always will be. Are you listening, Donald, Vladimir and that Asian nuclear nut job with the white sidewalls haircut?

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