Historic Improper Male Sexual Misbehavior

Those pudgy Hollywood moguls and White House dwellers didn’t invent the practice of horny men seducing vulnerable young women. Some of the most familiar moments from the past were also based on shocking behavior by conjugal couples:

Adam & Eve: Where would we all be if they didn’t get it on in the garden?
Samson & Delilah: Sam feared what she’d do with those scissors.
Napoleon & Josephine: She joined him in what the Brits call the water loo.
Henry VIII & wives: Divorce, behead, died, divorce, behead, survived.
Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette: The royals fell head over heels in love?
Abe & Mary Lincoln: Did he cheat on her with four-score and seven?
Donald & Melania Trump: Did she catch him crooning “Stormy Weather”?

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