Daily Express: World Ends On Monday, April 23

The English newspaper reports that Biblical messages and current religious zealots predict that the date was set directly by heavenly sources. So, as a guy who was hoping to celebrate my 93rd birthday in a couple of months, I ponder what to do about it.

Instead of making my usual wise-ass jokes about the idiotic prediction, I’ll sort of go along with it. In reality, consider today’s mentally-challenged world leaders each with an itchy finger on a nuclear button. Nutsy naked Russian boss, Chinese egomaniac who recently promoted himself emperor for life, North Korean tubby with the funny haircut, and, of course, that American twitterer/Syria bomber with an even funnier haircut.

Actually, each of us alive today will inevitably have our world end in death. Therefore, how should we face that final day realistically? The answer is brief. Live and enjoy every moment as if it could be your last one.

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