Study Claims Each Extra Daily Booze Costs 15 Minutes Of Life

British lab beancounters recently declared that one alcoholic shot a day is OK, but taking one more can lower life expectancy. They say that second shot adds up to deducting nearly five years from the expected 70 to 75 year lifespan.

Of course, they didn’t realize that too many sober seniors will spend their last years diapered and drooling mindlessly in a nursing home hallway. And those zealous medical zookeepers will keep what’s left of them alive to gather as much money as possible from their families at $5,000 per month.

Hey, I’m 92+, live independently and have a drink or two every night to help me sleep. I’m still healthy enough to hike, swim, photo and blog each day. So, I disagree with the distinguished British scientists and will go on daily drinking healthily as long as possib…possi…pos…p….farewell (hic) cruel (urp) world!

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