Nursing Home Fees Up A Staggering 1,000% Since 1980s

When my aging mom needed daily care, it cost $500 a month for her nursing home stay. Now, potentially with possible needs three decades later, I’ve been checking today’s costs. Most quotes for the same residential care, range from $4,000 to $10,000 per month for a room and daily care.

Of course, the national inflation rate during the past 30 years has upped prices typically to about double today what they were then. In some areas, such as real estate, new cars and gasoline, the inflation is much higher. However, none has attained the rip-off robbery rate as those human warehouses where seniors go to wait out their final days.

Of course, nursing homes are businesses with investors who want to profit, and charge what the market will allow. However, when shopping around for a final earthly room, I find the actuality is pure greed. The owners believe the senior’s family doesn’t deserve the hard-earned savings. All the money must be sucked up by nursing home corporations.

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