Are The Two Korean Leaders Really Now BFFs?

My personal memories of when those North and South nations were waging a murderous shooting war in 1951. One gift I received that year at college graduation time was a telegram. It informed me that my U.S. Naval Reserve Aircraft Carrier Air Group was being reactivated, and I had to report for duty in one week.

I served for two years in the Korean War, and Americans fought and died there. Altho U.S. forces went home in 1953, officially that war never officially ended. And up to just a day or so ago, it looked like combat could erupt again at any moment, this time including devastation by nuclear weapons.

So now suddenly, with toothy grins, hugs, dance steps and handshakes, North Korean leader Kim Jog Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are as palsy walsy as teddy bears. In a gesture of sincerity, Kim promises to lay down his world-destructive bombs. OK, so who will officiate at the peace table: Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman or Judge Judy?

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