Koff, Koff! We’re Constantly Lured By Cigarette Peddlers

The UK Guardian recently published a comprehensive article about how tobacco companies lure kids into smoking, and eventually they become lifetime addicted customers.

Of course, that greedy process has been ongoing for at least the past century and shows no signs of going away. I can recall the 1940s when costumed cheerleaders gave out free cigarettes at high school and college campuses. However, as informative as the Guardian article is, it didn’t address other unpleasantness of cigarettes.

Famous sports and movie stars did cigarette ads, including future President Reagan. Many of the models eventually died of lung cancer, including the cowboy model on big Chesterfield sign on NYC’s Broadway.

Maybe they should have listened to King James I’s 1604 treatise “A Counterblaste to Tobacco” The Bible author called it a “filthie noveltie” that was “hatefull to the Nose” and “harmefull to the braine.

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