Teachers Underpaid, Talk Show Gabbers Grab Million$

Some recent teacher strikes remind us that our salary system too often makes no common sense. Today’s teachers earn about $65,000 a year. They’re hard-working, dedicated professionals who are responsible for getting our kids prepared to be good citizens and earn a living.

Meanwhile, some people who are paid to amuse us make insanely high incomes. Typical pro baseball and basketball jocks earn millions annually for six months of playing schoolyard games. It’s even worse in show biz. For example, Whoopie Goldberg earns $7 million annually on The View yak show for sitting an hour a day, five days a week, while gabbing, griping and giggling.

It just ain’t fair! Our president, leader of the free world and daily online commentator, earns only $450,000. Well, of course, he doesn’t have to pay for the White House beds, chefs, butlers and cleaning staff, nor for flying in Air Force One. But shouldn’t the poor guy at least get some extra expense money for lawyers and porn star pay-offs?

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