Russian Facebook Freaks Influenced 2016 Elections

Their hacker input was varied. Some were for Trump, others for Hillary, or they blasted both. We’re in an era of widespread electronic brainwashing, and it will get worse into current and future campaigns. How can we detect the phony hacks? Maybe check the language and determine if a Russkie screwed up the words. Based on history, it could be:

George Washington: I cannot tell a lishenets.
Ben Franklin: A ruble saved is a ruble earned.
Abe Lincoln: Four score and seven vodkas ago.
Teddy Roosevelt: Speak softly, but carry a big babushka.
Harry Truman: The borsht stops here.
Bill Clinton: I did not have polovoye snosheniye with that woman.
Ronald Reagan: Mr. Kruschev, tear down that gulag.

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