Tobacco Addict: You’re Killing Yourself, So Quit Killing Others!

The cancerous weed logic goes as far back as King James I’s 1604 treatise. “A Counterblaste to Tobacco”. He called tobacco a “filthie noveltie” that was “hatefull to the Nose” and “harmefull to the braine.”

So, let’s get real with words as offensive as your addiction is to non-smokers. Your cigarettes, reeking clothing and contaminated breath stink up all the air around you. Your disgusting odor lingers in flights, restaurants, elevators, sidewalks, forests and parks.

Worse, when you stupidly fall asleep in bed or camping with a lighted cigarette, you kill as many people every year as all the nutcase bombers in the world. You’re usually one of the victims, and won’t get the chance to start another deadly fire nor continue your stinking addiction. Oh, and by the way, have a nice smokeless day.

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