Why Are There School Murders Of Kids By Kids?

The Santa Fe Texas tragedy is just one more of the growing number of horrific school shootings over the past few years. Looking back, this was unimaginable during my school years. And just maybe there’s a clue to today’s horrors by comparing times.

My school was an orphanage for fatherless boys, and most of us lived there for a decade. In the era between World War I and II, discipline was part of our lives. When we hit high school age, there were weekly military drills and live rifle training.

I don’t recall any incidents of unauthorized use of weapons nor internal threats of murder. Conversely, today’s student behavior, both inside and outside campuses, is constantly swamped with violent video, bloody movies, gutter music and other anti-social influences. Maybe it’s time for educators to temper their preaching of undisciplined freedom with encouraging ethical self-discipline.

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