Sexual Harassment Charges: When Will It All Calm Down?

Harvey Weinstein was cuffed and dragged to jail today. Movie moguls, doctors, coaches, Wall Street millionaires, U.S. presidents and other guys are now daily accused of grabbing women with horny intention. While the lawyers happily stop chasing ambulances and devote all their energy to make actresses and themselves rich, let’s get some perspective,

Of course, we have laws to prevent people from abusing other people. And those who break the laws must be punished by enriching lawyers, filling jails and emptying pockets. However, the necessary male-female connecting has forever been a long, long physical requirement. Consider, if Adam hadn’t harassed Eve, none of us would be here today. And other examples…

Would Cleopatra have kicked Anthony out on his asp? Would Helen have insisted on those Trojans? Would Pocahontas have scalped tickets to play John Smith’s game? Would Victoria have put Prince Albert in the can? Would Frank Sinatra have made his Gardner mow the lawn? And what the hell do you think Prince Harry and Princess Meghan did on their wedding night?

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