Rosanne Barr: Big Mouth Cost Her The New Show

This old Navy guy has heard much worse, though more entertaining, than the brash woman’s offensive words. There were Lennie Bruce, Richard Pryor, Redd Fox, George Carlin and other pioneers of scatological humor.

Of course, Rosanne is free to croak the National Anthem and mouth off about anything she chooses. However, there are consequences that go far beyond her personal career damage. The sad part of the cancellation of the new, highly-rated Rosanne show is her thoughtless ranting.

When she made her racist squawk, did she think about all the other actors, creative staff and production crews on the new Rosanne show who are suddenly out of work? Unlessssssss…. of course…. this has all been a carefully contrived publicity grabbing stunt. Let’s see if after Rosanne’s almost sincere apologies, the show will be renewed.

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