Singapore Sting: Will We Pay For Kim Jong Un’s Hotel Room?

The off-again, on-again Trump/Kim meeting on June 12 gets more like a Marx Brothers skit every day. Now that it’s on again, it comes with yet another comic episode. The North Korean dictator won’t pay for his $6K-a-night snooze in the presidential suite at the posh Fullerton Hotel in Singapore.

Are we supposed to believe the fat little guy who spends gazzilions on nuclear weapons can’t afford a hotel room? You can be sure the cheap schmuck will steal towels from the bathroom, Cokes from the minibar and won’t leave a tip for the maid.

Seriously, anyone out there remember another meeting of heads of state in September 1938? British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain waved a signed agreement after meeting with Adolf Hitler, and declared “we have peace for our time.” Less than a year later, the Germans attacked Poland to set off World War 2.

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