Hey, Mr. Trump: Were Adolf & Benito Very Talented, Too?

After shaking hands and patting backs, U.S. President Trump said of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, ”I learned that he’s a very talented man. I also learned that he loves his country very much. He has a great personality and is very smart.”

Hey, Mr. President. Aren’t you forgetting a few teeny details about that noble leader? Kim gets rid of relatives and generals by blasting them with anti-aircraft guns. North Korean prisons are full of political protesters. Dying American college student Otto Warmbier was sent home from North Korea after a year of torture. And what about returning the USS Pueblo Kim’s equally evil daddy stole 50 years ago?

And let’s be realistic about the tubby dictator. He didn’t suddenly turn from bad guy to good guy. Despite all the phony promises, you can be sure Kim will continue to develop nuclear weapons. With his fat finger on the button, he could launch one at any time “the very talented man” goes even more insane with power.

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