Six Most Famous Surrenders In World History

Consider the exciting list: While Chris Columbus was sailing to America in 1492, the King of Granada ending a war by surrendering to Spain’s King Ferdie and Chris’ cash donor, Queen Isabella.

The Crusaders surrendered Jerusalem in 1187 to the warlord, Saladin, who was awarded the keys to the Tower of David and a private crying fit at the Wailing Wall.

British General Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown. The British soldiers then marched by the victorious Americans with their muskets upside down and sipping afternoon tea.

Of course, who could forget Napoleon’s surrender after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815? It established the British tradition of flushing indoor toilets of the same name.

The surrender of General Lee to General Grant in 1865 ended the American Civil War. It freed the slaves while Lincoln celebrated with an evening at Ford’s Theater.

The few of us who are still alive today fondly remember the 1945 surrender of Japan to end World War 2 aboard the battlewagon USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay while General MacArthur did selfies on the deck.

And, of course, in a ceremony to end the battle of the haircuts, in 2018 President Trump surrendered to the Emperor of North Korea.

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