Online Ads More Obnoxious Than TV Commercials

Did you ever think it was possible to be annoyed more than by those endlessly repeated TV interruptions? Be prepared for worse. Now when you click in on your computer or smartphone to view the news or other information, never-ending, unwanted ads get plastered over the screen.

Sometimes there’s a tiny x on one corner of the ad, so you can mercifully erase and return to what you’re trying to see. However, these days the obnoxious ad is more likely to stay on the screen and block out what you’re trying to see until you just give up in disgust and go to another website.

And, of course, never fall for the click bait title Sponsored and Paid Content. Open them and your screen will show only forever floods of unwanted, endlessly repeated disgusting ads for phony cure-all meds, minimum-wage restaurant chains and grossly overpriced gas guzzling road hog cars.

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