Separation Of Young Kids From Families Isn’t New

Of course, it’s tragic that young undocumented (illegal) immigrant families from Mexico are caught and detained in the US. As news media images now sympathetically exhibit, it’s a terrible ordeal for the kids. This has happened in much more horrifying numbers and casualties throughout history. World War II is an example.

The Japanese invaded China in the 1930s, a few years before they got the idea to murder 4,000 American military and civilian kids in Pearl Harbor. The streets of Nanking became Japanese killing grounds for thousands of Chinese children. Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and the most brutal Nazi extermination plans murdered millions of Jewish families and kids. Throughout World War II, along with the horrible civilian casualties, kids were separated from their refugee families.

As the war progressed, the Japanese and German military killed thousands in air bombings in the Philippines, England, France, the Netherlands and Russia. Then, when the war went against the bad guys, Allied bombings killed thousands in Germany and Japan.

Finally, in 1945, in a dramatic war-ending event, two American atomic bombs killed two hundred thousand Japanese civilian children and adults in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the time, I was with a forward U.S. Navy unit in the Philippines, while American forces were freeing the islands from Japanese occupation. Then, Japan surrendered and the war ended, I celebrated my 19th birthday and was no longer a kid! So, I can sympathize with your problems, illegal alien children of today!

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