Hey, Old Blogger! Why Have You Lived So Long?

I’m often asked (other than: why are you out in public with your fly zipper open?) how I’ve lived my almost 93 years. And why I’m still in relatively good physical and mental health.

I may respond: I just keep breathing. However, there are more reasons, and if they’ll help others, I humbly submit here. One is, after puffing an entire barfy pack of Lucky Strikes sickened me at age 15, I never smoked anything again. Sadly, too many heavy smoking friends and family didn’t make it to age 60. Of course, I was never stupid enough to get addicted to marijuana nor other hard drugs.

I’ve always exercised regularly, and still hike at least two miles daily. Beyond physical activity, I also keep my ancient brain functioning by shooting photos as I walk. I post them daily, along with written gripes and opinions on this old guy blog and other websites.

Did I mention that I also follow a popular booze suggestion about elderly health from some very smart doctors? For this old guy, one shot or mixed alcoholic drink just before beddy-bye positively calms me after an active day, and helps start a quick trip to dreamland.

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