All The $99.99 & 99¢ Ads Attract We Stupid Buyers

All the never-ending phony medical ads are not the only way your money is being stolen. Greedy gas station owners: Hey, driver, fill up on my bargain $4.99 a gallon gas. Of course, you’re not supposed to understand that’s just a penny less than $5.

And jump on that cruise line bargain! You can sail for a week around Hawaii or Bermuda for only $1,999.99 per person. Of course, with taxes, port charges and other unmentioned ad-ons, be prepared to shell out at least another $199.99 for your bargain cruise.

The phony advertising 99 practice hits us daily. Hey, didja know Uncle Joe bought that used car for a mere $9,999.99. If the crooked dealer had listed it for a much more expensive $10,000, duh, no sale!

Need a home for your family? I just saw an ad for a Malibu beach house, and priced at only $9,999,999. Watta bargain! All the nearby luxury abodes sell for as high as $10 million!

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