4th of July 1968: Where Was Military Genius Trump?

As we celebrate this patriotic holiday, it also honors our president for his valor and outstanding combat qualifications from 50 years ago. Following military high school, by 1968 he was proudly draft-dodging around the campus of the University of Pennsylvania as a grad student at the Wharton School of Business.

Of course, if any members of the draft board were nearby then, they’d see that he had a sudden limp due to alleged bone spurs on one of his gastrocnemius muscles. He also had applied for and received four non-medical student draft deferments. With a heavy heart, he was physically and emotionally unable to serve in what he now calls “our great military”.

Therefore, to mark the holiday would he order a heroic statue of himself as a bemedalled Commander in Chief Donald Trump to be erected by the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC? Warning: don’t any of you disrespectful combat vets and Gold Star families dare to try to tear it down by its bone spurs!

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