4th Of July: Is Fighting Murderous Wars Worth Celebrating?

As I’ve drifted into advanced old age, and when we celebrate holidays, I thought I’d become more patriotic. However, even tho I did Navy service in two wars, the opposite has happened in my fading brain.

I’ve finally concluded that all wars, along with their human devastation, are totally stupid. For examples, on July 4 we celebrate winning a war against England. Except for a little fracas in 1812, England has been our best buddy ever since.

The Civil War required teen boys from the North to murder teen boys from the South, bringing our nation together as one democracy. Well, look at today’s headlines. World War 1 saw the U.S. fighting Germany. Just two decades later, in WW2, we fought Germany again, today our best buddy. Also, in that war, we did the teenage boy murders (I was 18 and 19 then) with Japan. And now our roads are flooded with Toyotas.

And our best buddies in WW2, Russia and China, are not so friendly these days. Another confusion about patriotic celebrations, history shows that nations are led into wars by totally insane clowns like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm and King George III. Unfortunately, several of today’s world leaders are all too similarly clownish. Well, anyhow, have a happy holiday!

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