Steve Harvey Story: From Poverty To TV Millionaire

I’ve been a fan of his Family Feud MC career over the past decade. Obviously a talented, dedicated entertainer, now in his 60s, Steve began by working comedy clubs in Cleveland. He sometimes earned $25 a night, and lived in his car.

Now, in addition to hosting of the popular daily quiz show, Family Feud, he can be seen all over the TV screen in several other Steve-featured shows, as well as commercials, reruns and guest appearances. Fans admire him for his tireless work schedule, along with brilliant, ever-quick response sense of humor.

Maybe his most important contribution to TV is Steve’s effort to bring equal opportunity to African-American families. In all the previous decades of quiz shows, until just the past couple of years, they were virtually invisible. Today, they’re half of Steve’s daily contestants.

He also often features other ethnic groups, including Hispanic, Oriental and mixed-race families. And many contestants are upscale dressed in suits provided by Steve’s multi-million-dollar clothing business. It isn’t likely he’ll ever need to sleep in his car again.

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