Nearly 3/4 Of Democrats Say Nooooo Hillary In 2020!

According to a Rasmussen Reports survey, today her formerly loyal party followers of 2016 won’t go thru the same wringer again. They don’t want her to run during the next Presidential election process two years from November.

A lifelong Democrat, I cast my first vote for Harry Truman in 1948, and have supported the party candidates ever since. Well, I almost went for old Navy shipmate John McCain in 2008, but his Sarah Palin for veep blunder kept me in the Democrat line at the polls. Then came 2016, with both candidates equally unqualified and unworthy. I held my nose and loyally voted for the very slightly less obnoxious Hillary.

If still around, what will this old citizen do in 2020 if Hillary is the party candidate? It depends on who’ll be the Republican candidate. Speaking of Depends, Hillary will be 72, but if the Democrats instead put up senile Bernie Sanders, age 80, at my then age 95, I may just go GOP.

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