In-Your-Face TV & Online Ads Get Even More Obnoxious

Just when you thought the never-ending snake oil sales pitches were as bad as they could be, they get worse. Now, when you click into your smartphone or computer, and attempt to see the news or research a subject, the screen is immediately blocked by unwanted, unstoppable visual garbage. Many accompanied by screeching, sickeningly contemptible noise.

Some of the worst: Ya gotta buy our gas-guzzling, grossly-overpriced SUV! Our miracle pills will cure everything from ulcers to impotence to flatulence to acne! Our online university will turn you into Einstein in 30 days! And too many of the most sickening include endlessly repeated ads for greasy chain restaurants.

What can you do about the annoying brain, eye and ear pounding ads? Simply pull the plug, stretch out, relax and read a good book. Or if you’re really religious, The Good Book.

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