For 4th Time, Hollywood Gives Birth To A Star

The never-ending copycat surge offers yet another remake of the classic, “A Star Is Born”. It’s the story of a young girl from the sticks who goes to Hollywood, gets beloved by a Hollywood big shot, and eventually becomes a movie star. Are you listening, Harvey Weinstein?

The first version in 1937 starred Janet Gaynor and Frederic March. Next was a musical in 1954 starring Judy Garland and James Mason. Then, keeping the tunes going, in 1976 it was Barbra Streisand and Kris Whatsisname who led the cast.

In theaters by October of this year, the newest and hopefully the last, will star Lady Gaga and producer-director-actor Bradley Cooper. It’s also about a young girl singer who takes up with a show biz mogul. No, not Harvey Weinstein. The fourth remake is scheduled for its debut at the Venice Film Festival at the end of August.

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