Nightly Visions At Almost Age 93: I See Dead People

Remember the 1999 movie, “The Sixth Sense”? According to the story, the little boy actually experienced visions and talked with ghosts. Lately, it has been happening to me as nightly dreams. It could be that my ancient brain is getting senile or ready to close down.

However, that doesn’t seem likely, considering my very active physical and mental daily activities. A health nut all my life, I still hike twice and swim laps every day. I also spend at least four hours researching, writing and posting daily articles and my candid photos online.

I don’t recall such dreams before, during Navy service in two wars, marriage, raising kids and a 35-year business career. The recurring nightly illusions involve my original family as they were almost a century ago from when I was the youngest at age four.

My father, mother, sister and brother, are long gone, but now live again in my vivid dreams. They appear as I remember them, heathy, happy, loving and together as a family. It evokes the words of the Aerosmith song: Dream on, dream on until your dreams come true.

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