Continuing Sex Assault Charges In The News

Just the latest. A horny cardinal kicked out of the Vatican, another movie mogul outed for sexually abusing women. When will it all end? Of course, many of the charges are true, but with greedy lawyers and snoopy news hounds making money on the exposures, true or false, they will go on and on.

Now way back in the past, I can still remember normal business behavior between men and women then that could be considered harassment today. I was manager of a group of 30 creative graphic art and writing pros. When an employee was promoted or otherwise honored, it was normal to shake hands with the man and hug the woman. Would that be harassment today?

I also recall many occasions, when a woman employee was voluntarily in my office for advice. When it was because of family problems, work schedules or other emotional situation, it often ended with a positive hug, sometimes with a kiss on the cheek. Again, when the employee was male, just a handshake was appropriate.

Even way back then, I knew of managers who crossed the line. I recall one case of a commotion in an office near mine. A crew of security guards suddenly marched the manager out and into sudden unemployment. He had been having an affair with a young married female employee.

Of course, higher-ranked executives did it more discreetly. Several mature vice presidents divorced their wives to marry much younger female employees. It happened then, and will continue as long as there are men and women who associate daily in business and otherwise.

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