North Korea Claims To Return U.S. Dead From 1950s War

Some little boxes of bones and one dog tag. Does anyone with an ounce of brains believe this scam? Kim’s funny haircut is shaking with laughter on the latest trick he has pulled on scam artist Donald Trump. Almost as much phony fun for the fat little dictator as his fake promise to stop nuclear arming.

I served in the Navy during the Korean War. Our Naval Reserve Carrier Air Group was activated for two years. We lost guys during bombing runs over North Vietnam. When our planes crashed, local farmers murdered the pilots and never preserved the bodies. And during World War 2, the Japanese never saved the remains of Bataan Death March American POWs. And you can be sure the Germans never had funerals for the bones from their concentration camp ovens.

Of course, there’s the unlikely chance that the contents of the boxes are genuine. Or some people hope they are. And if all the expenses and politics of returning those Korean War casualties can help ease some pain for their survivors, it may be worth the effort.

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