Chinese Sex Dolls Get More And More Realistic

According to Guardian news, factories in China are continually updating and manufacturing lifelike electronic companions for men who prefer plastic over real women. They have eyes, skin, limbs, hair and other human-like features. Now, just suppose the Chinese pseudo-women can also reason and talk. Some of their words could be:

Not tonight, dear, I have a cranial system malfunction.
All you want is sex, sex, sex. You never take me out to dinner and a movie. No, no. I’m not a juke box! Don’t try to pay me by putting coins in the slot.
Of course I’m faking sex with you. I’m a fake human.
You don’t have to buy me a drink, but I can use a squirt of motor oil.
Ad on a used sex doll sales lot: Only 30,000 tricks on this model and she still performs like new.

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