Is It Possible For Ads To Get Even More Obnoxious?

Unfortunately, every furious viewer with a TV, computer and smartphone today answers (with added curse words) yes, yes, yes! You click into an online page to get some info, but can’t see it because the screen is immediately covered with unwanted, in-your-face ads. The message is: Hey, stupid, you’re not getting that info until we cram these never-ending ads into your feeble brain!

Worse, on TV you’re forced to see the same annoying TV commercials dozens of times daily for months, sometimes years. Those continuously repeated messages pumped into you are reminders of the old Soviet brainwashing techniques to get confessions. You’ll eventually cry, “OK, I give up. I’ll buy your crap!”

In those constantly pounded brainwashing ads you’re urged to rush out mindlessly and buy insurance, take cure-all phony medicines, pay for grossly overpriced cars and eat at greasy restaurant chains. And don’t forget those kindly TV lawyers who’ll gladly share millions of lawsuit dollars with your family after a poisonous drug carries you off to that big TV screen in the sky.

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