93-Year-Old’s Advice To Younger Guys And Gal

First of all, if you dine too much on fatty foods, smoke, vape, booze heavily, take drugs, drive stupidly and/or are way too tubby, don’t bother to read this. You won’t have to worry about getting old.

Fortunately, overweight me got smart. After sitting on my large corporate butt for 40 years, I retired. My doctor didn’t have to tell me I was at least 60 pounds beyond normal. At age 65 with diminishing prospects of making it to 70, there were choices. Lose the blubber or die. Also, stomp out the cigarettes and go easy on the beer.

I reduced my calories, limited my eating to healthy food, and started twice daily one hour of exercise. In just a year or so, I had lost the 60 pounds, and have kept it off since with the same daily routine and diet for nearly 30 years of retirement. Advice: Take a quick look in the mirror, and if the reflection shows too much of you with a burning butt in your mouth, it’s time to get healthy.

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